I went into coffee roasting when I realized I could buy a small roaster for the exact amount of
money my father (the longshoreman) was gifting me and my siblings;
one brother bought a hydroplane, the other brother bought his wife a car, my sister
bought braces for her daughter and I bought a sunny yellow Diedrich 2.5 kilo coffee roaster.
Since I didn’t know how to roast - my son, a glass blower and longshoreman, came to help me figure 
out the green bean. We basically used a technique glass blowers use (sorta - kinda) logging every move
and temperature and naming the successes gentle drop 1,  gentle drop 2, …… thus creating a “roasting profile”.
Now years later,  I have two roasters;  one big and one little, both yellow. I’m also a certified Q grader,  an Everything-About-Coffee enthusiast,
I like to roast each coffee of origin preserving the characteristics and uniqueness of the bean. 
And then I drink the fruit of my labor and dance around.